Beginning Your Job Search

Students must obtain jobs on their own.  Students are not placed into jobs.  There are
two ways to look for an on-campus job:
1.  Online
  • Click Current Vacant Positions
  • Click on Academic Year Jobs or Summer Jobs.
  • Read the postings.
  • How do you apply for a job you are interested in?  Do what the posting tells you to do! (example)

2.  In Person

Approach departments you would like to work for even if they do not have a job posting.  Here's how:

  • Go to the building where you would like to work.
  • Ask for the person who hires student employees.
  • Tell this person you would like to work for their department.
  • Listen to what they have to say and do it.

If you've read the two ways and still have questions, please contact us at 989.774.3881.  We'll be glad to help.

For immediate job posting updates